What is the Carbon Academy?

The Carbon Academy is our online ‘bananas’ learning platform. It is exclusively for our How Bad Are Bananas – Carbon Footprint Games facilitators. Here we will give you all the background information on how to play your Carbon Footprint Game with others. 

We will skill you up to become a GREAT facilitator of the game. Becoming a trained facilitator of the game then enables you to educate others, using a fun game, created using serious science-backed data. 


Education changes the world.

can change
the world!

The Carbon Academy and
the Small Carbon Footprint Game

The two go hand-in-hand, you can’t have one without the other. You can’t find the content of the Carbon Academy Course anywhere else. 

Unique, exciting, educational and world-changing! 

The modules in the Carbon Academy

The Bananas Story

Chapter 1 enables you to learn a bit about us and how and why we developed the Carbon Footprint Game

What's in the training?

In chapter 2, we will give you a short overview of what you will get in the Carbon Academy

View chapter 2 as a sample for an overview of what's included

Embracing the Climate Emergency

Moving on to Chapter 3: Embracing the Climate Emergency, gives you the basic background on the latest climate science and the current situation we find ourselves in. We will give you some facts and figures but this section is more about terminology and getting you acquainted with the most important pieces of the science and societal picture. It’s not ALL doom and gloom although this is the most ‘academic’ part of the learning

Getting acquainted with your game

Then to Chapter 4, where you will learn all about your new game: rules of the game, what the different colours of the cards mean, how and why the games work. We do a run through of playing the game in a video

Growing facilitation skills

In Chapter 5, you learn how to grow your facilitation skills, we explain what your job as facilitator is and we show you what makes good and bad facilitation of the games. We help you to prepare to play with others

What's next?

In the final part of the Carbon Academy, ‘Chapter 6: What next?’ you will be tested on what you have learnt, given further resources to access and the opportunity to download a completion certificate. You can also opt into taking part in some research into how effective using the game is at helping people to learn and change their behaviours. We’d also LOVE you to give us some feedback on the Academy itself – this is our first but by no means our last version – we will use any of your critique to make the Carbon Academy give you and others exactly what you need before you start to play. You can also access critique sheets for testing your play and our cheat sheet (facilitation notes) that can help you to quickly learn the key messages you can deliver with each playing card or comparison

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